Saturday, 15 March 2014

Now sold all land, gone back to basic membership, hence no monthly land tier to pay. Sl is handy for graphics & sticking photos or rather "textures" onto rotating prims etc for use in videos for You tube and things in general.  I will probably put the opensim server back on my machine, as when only basic in sl you can only build on a sandbox, where, if  you wish to film what you have done , some idiot will put something right in your way, so it's better on your own land. Yes sl has lost its sparkle for me, once upon a time you could have a decent conversation with someone about what computer they were using, fps etc, graphics card, but now it's all ban lines round every ones land, & if you stray into their land one gets told to "F off" as I did the other day when I teleported to land I owned ages ago accidentally,also you cannot tell who you are talking to, male, female, or whatever, so yes very disillusioned with sl

Monday, 14 May 2012

the castle's back

Yes the castle is back but a built from scratch model with a lot less prims, & the rest of the site is having another facelift as well, so if you want to pop by & have a look, you're most welcome. I don't have events as such, as i cannot stand the hassel, but the Cat's ballroom under the sea is quite atmospheric i am told, with big band jazz. I did have Martini in the morning streaming, but their link is always going down. Upstairs in the castle you can dance the nite away to an 80's stream. New pics to follow, & i must find time to post a video, 'cause i've just updated Frapps. but go & have a look in "real life", & please im me, i won't bite!!

Monday, 18 July 2011


Posted photos of new build as promissed, also just to squash the myth that all people on sl are sex maniacs or rather large people as seen on tv a while ago. I have met some very intelligent people here on secondlife, i have learnt a lot regarding computing & building etc. I myself am an ex muso, so i love music so i build a club, makes sense, i enjoy it as i love computers, building & tweaking them, so a lot of us are normal.
Actually sl must be absolutely fabulous for someone with a dissability, if you are in a wheelchair, with a computer & sl you can do anything you wish.
I've only posted this because someone was slagging sl off the other day, & i just thought i should say my piece, not that i expect many people to read this!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

place redesigned

The castle has gone, the only building i have bought, but it was too many prims, so i've done the place out again. There's a new building with a dance floor, a gallery upstairs etc, but i have just put in a promenade feature & the Cat's Whiskers ballroom is now under the sea. This gives it a natural seedy smoky atmosphere, & there is a different music stream on the two dance floors. New pics & video to follow shortly, but please if you do visit the place please leave me a message if you like it, & also if you don't like it, tell me why, i won't mind, i love criticism, & i love meeting people.
I don't put events on, i cannot stand the hassel, but i do stream my own tracks in sometimes with shoutcast, but as i play sax & vocals i cannot twiddle knobs on a mixer, control computer etc all at the same time, so it is recorded when i do stream.

Monday, 1 November 2010

FourFloors castle

Please feel free to pop by anytime , hold your party in the top floor open air ballroom or whatever, no " RED NO ENTRY " signs around my land, i cannot stand them.
I like the castle, the 1st building i have bought, i usually build myself but i fancied this castle, but it doesn't leave me many prims to play with so when i get time i will be re jigging the build!!
If you do visit & you land here, please do tell us what you think, i don't bite!!

Monday, 23 August 2010

FourFloors castle

Gone the whole hog & purchased this beautiful castle, doesn't leave me with a lot of prims tp play with but it's massive inside & with "4Floors" to enjoy & loads of nooks & crannies to explore, enjoy.

Saturday, 27 February 2010

combining modern and Gothic arcitecture

You may have noticed my place looks diferent each time you call, i'm never satisfied, it's fun, and it keeps me out of mischief, although the wife still cannot get her head round it.
With the adjacent builds being castles and gothic places, i've compromised a little with the brickwork, i quite like it really.

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