Saturday, 15 March 2014

Now sold all land, gone back to basic membership, hence no monthly land tier to pay. Sl is handy for graphics & sticking photos or rather "textures" onto rotating prims etc for use in videos for You tube and things in general.  I will probably put the opensim server back on my machine, as when only basic in sl you can only build on a sandbox, where, if  you wish to film what you have done , some idiot will put something right in your way, so it's better on your own land. Yes sl has lost its sparkle for me, once upon a time you could have a decent conversation with someone about what computer they were using, fps etc, graphics card, but now it's all ban lines round every ones land, & if you stray into their land one gets told to "F off" as I did the other day when I teleported to land I owned ages ago accidentally,also you cannot tell who you are talking to, male, female, or whatever, so yes very disillusioned with sl

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